The Club Schedule 2024

MON Evening:      6:30 pm (Open)

TUE Afternoon:    1:00 pm (Open)

WED Evening:      6:30 pm (Open)

THU Afternoon:    1:00 pm (NLM or O/U)

FRI Afternoon:      1:00 pm (Open)

Please Note: Mentorship - a newcomer (0-20mps) may play with any level of player at any game

Monthly Events


August 5 - No Game - Heritage Day

August 1, 15 and 29 - O/U Games

Monday, August 19 to Saturday 24 - Club Championship Games

August 27 - NAP Q

August 30 - Pop-Up +RED+

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Pianola Login + User Guide for Players

Login to Pianola for personal results history, analysis of your performance, and a partner-finder



 Pianola User Guide


Monday 22:  Open Game                              Director = Marlene

Tuesday 23:  Open Game                              Director = Marlene

Wednesday 24:  Open Game                          Director = Joanne

Thursday 25:  NLM Game                              Director = Judi

Friday 26:  Open Game                                  Director = Joanne

Monday 29:  Open Game                                Director = Marlene

Tuesday 30:  Open Game                                Director = Marlene

Wednesday 31:  Open Game                          Director = Joanne

Contact Information can be found in the membership booklet or by using the "Contact Us" tab on the left.

Membership Fees + Services


Non-Member  = $8                    Member = $7

Beverages are available.

The Club is fully licensed.

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